The CEO and Founder of Kitt’s Kandy Shop™ began creating skincare products for herself out of necessity for natural skin care products for sensitive skin. After researching the benefits of certain ingredients, The CEO and Founder began formulating skincare products to soothe and heal all types of skin. It all began with a personal quest, a quest for the perfect skincare solution for sensitive skin that craved only the gentle touch of nature.

At the core of Kitt's Kandy Shops™ philosophy lay the belief that investing in your skin was an act of self-love, a ritual that deserved the purest of ingredients. The CEO and Founder’s dedication to organic and all-natural elements became the soul of the Kandy Shop, a tribute to the delicate canvas that is our skin. Kitt's Kandy Shop™ emerged as a haven of purity. Inspired by a desire to honor and nourish the body, the CEO, the visionary founder, embarked on a journey to create a line of skincare treats that cleanse, exfoliate, and heal—a collection that mirrored the essence of all-natural indulgence.

“I'm the biggest user of our products. Our skincare line
began with my desire to only use natural and organic ingredients on my skin. I
will not sell anything to our customers that I would not personally use on my
own skin. Kitt's Kandy Shop™ products contain natural ingredients that are
cruelty free.”

Kitt's Kandy Shop™ CEO and Founder

Healthy Skincare Treats for Your Body™

The CEO and Founder of the Kandy Shop often, and still does use ingredients that can be found in your own kitchen! Using all organic and all natural ingredients that are cruelty free is one of the guidelines that remain unchanged at Kitt’s Kandy Shop™.  At the core of Kitt's Kandy Shop™ Skincare stood a philosophy: "Healthy Skincare Treats for Your Body™. It wasn't merely a mantra, it reinforced a commitment to crafting skincare as a sensorial, nurturing experience—an ode to the skin's resilience and radiance.

Each ingredient, meticulously chosen, played a role in the symphony of soothing and rejuvenation. Kitt's formulations became a testament to the belief that skincare should be a source of comfort, not a source of
concern. As she experimented with blends of botanical oils, extracts, and time-tested remedies, Kitt's creations transcended mere skincare—they became rituals of self-love. Her journey was not only about crafting products but
about unveiling the profound connection between nature and skin, a connection that resonated with anyone seeking the embrace of pure, natural goodness.

Every product, meticulously crafted in small batches, was a testament to quality over quantity. The hands-on approach allowed the Kandy Shop to not only ensure the highest standard of excellence but also to infuse each creation with the care and attention reminiscent of artisanal craftsmanship.

The skincare line, a symphony of natural goodness, became a celebration of the skin's vitality. From cleansing rituals that gently embraced the day's impurities to exfoliating wonders that unveiled the radiant layers beneath, Kitt's Kandy Shop™ products were more than treatments—they were transformative experiences.

And what better way to invest in your skin than with all-natural treats for your body? Each bottle, jar, and sachet held the promise of pure indulgence, a reminder that skincare wasn't a routine; it was a moment of self-celebration.

But the Kitt’s Kandy Shop's™ commitment to natural well-being extended beyond skincare. Nestled among the offerings were hand-poured soy candles, casting a warm glow that mirrored the genuine warmth of the shop's ethos. Additives and phthalates were absent, leaving only the essence of nature's embrace in the flickering flame.

As customers stepped into Kitt's Kandy Shop™, they weren't just purchasing products; they were embracing a lifestyle—one that revered the skin, cherished the environment, and celebrated the simple joys of self-care.
The shop became a sanctuary where the rituals of skincare and the flicker of candlelight intertwined, creating an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility.

And so, Kitt's Kandy Shop™, with its all-natural skincare and soothing soy candles, became more than a brand; it became a journey—an intimate voyage of self-love and reverence for the natural beauty that resides within us all.

Kitt’s Kandy Shop™ is WBE, MBE, SBE, DBE and HUBZone business certified.